Ramyun Night

Built on a Shin Ramyun Black.

Ramyun photo


I sliced 2 scallions, half of a handful of coriander, and 1 clove of garlic. Half of an old serrano - the other half didn't look so good.

I heated a separate pan, and fried some pre-cut cold pepperonies. Like five seconds per side.

I sliced a quarter of a zucchini into slices.


I heated 2 tsp ghee in a saucepan over a low heat.

Once it was hot, I added the sliced scallions, stirring to make sure they don't char.

Two minutes later, I added the the coriander, garlic, and half of a serranno chili.

I let that sweat for a couple minutes and then added 3 cups of water.

I added the zucchini slices too.

I covered it so that it would come up to boil quicker.

Once it was about to boil, I added the flavor packets from the ramyun.

Added the noodles, without stirring, and set the clock to 4 minutes.

Once the timer read two minutes, I cracked an egg into the pot. It nestled on top of the floating pod of unstirred noodles.

Once the timer dings, I turn the heat off right away.

Empty into bowl, top with the fried pepperonies from the beginning.


So delicious. The garlic and coriander with ghee are the perfect net for all the other flavors. Bursts of greasy pepperoni. The egg was a little over cooked, probably because I ate it last.

Drank two cans of Guinness with it.


The zucchini strips were a little over cooked as well. I think next time I'll put them in right before the noodles, instead of before boiling the water. That way, they'll be more of a crisp ingredient instead of flavoring the broth.

The egg was maybe a bit smaller than usual. I wonder if I could compensate for egg size by putting it in 30 seconds later.